Setting goals is a prolific part of my life, and the lives of many others.

To go a step further, concisely writing and envisioning goals on a long-term basis is something that takes work.

That being said, there is one problem.


The most accountable person in the room takes all.

Not the smartest, not the most skilled, but the one who is ruthlessly consistent.

That dreaded word is usually the one and only reason I do not follow through on my goals. It's no different for billions of others on this Earth.

I really believe that the solution to accomplishing one's goals is not rooted in a large application, or a flashy user interface — it's one rooted in accountability.

I founded Stratagem to solve my own problem – and coincidentally the problem of many others.

Instead of just setting and forgetting your goals, like many do (whether it's Todoist or a pen and paper) – we go a step further.

I view the next section as less of a promotion for Stratagem's capabilities – but more of a vision I have for the future of accountable, ambitious goals – a case study of sorts.

In lieu of a todo list, we developed a web application that allows you to map relational goals based on timeframe. In order to create a goal you need to concisely write out exactly what it is, and furthermore – your reasoning for pursuing it.

An example of a short-term goal created in Stratagem.

This checks for two things: the specificity (and thus the seriousness) of your goals, and the quality of your motivations (and thus whether it is actually worth pursuing).

Instead of planning out goals only to abandon or forget them, a potential feature could be a follow up at a time interval of your choosing, to ensure that you are staying on track and maintaining accountability with us and with yourself.

A (very general/non-specific) example of something you'd get in the mail.

This checks for two things: your commitment (and your impetus to succeed), and your consistency. We keep it simple here.

I'm not entirely sure about adding a feature like this – but it's certainly a possibility.

In place of keeping your ambitions under wraps, you can openly discuss and get feedback from a private, vetted community of professionals like yourself (in addition to getting feedback on wonderful forums such as IndieHackers).

Our private Slack community when it was created.

This ensures that your goals are: high-quality/concise and that they can be improved and given feedback.

I think adding a human touch to your ambitions is probably the most important thing you can do to increase your accountability.

It gets you excited (human interaction), it motivates you (public perception), and it drives you (the desire to collaborate).

But in finality – when you are thinking up your next big idea or ambitious goal – whether or not you use Stratagem to do this, seriously give thought to how you will stay accountable.

Your excitement will fade far before your idea is done – you need other ways to remain consistent.

It's a marathon, not a race.

If you want to start with Stratagem, you can go here. But most importantly, think for yourself and stay accountable.