I am officially in over my head.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for myself.

I am alone, independent, and living in San Francisco at age 18.

My room is small (but cozy) in the co-living space I stay at.

The street I live on is full of characters and people of wildly diverse origins.

A new home.

There are people who live here who are learning how to build better recurrent neural networks downstairs. This is at 10:20pm on a Wednesday night.

Everyone I know is now a coast away – with a few small exceptions.

I think this is going to be a difficult move, but potentially the best one I could make.

By coming to San Francisco, living in the place I am, and studying at the place I am – I will inevitably surround myself with people who are smarter than me.

I have built a couple of convolutional neural networks before, but the people downstairs are far more advanced than me. Most of the people in my building already work in industry, and I'm living here hapless at eighteen.

But I know I will survive. I will improve. I will build my network, learn, and create new opportunities for myself.

I will work harder than ever before.

But the city is beautiful, the weather is routinely gorgeous, there are new things to do everywhere.

I'd rather be working my ass off every night surrounded by smarter people who are just as determined as I am to succeed and thrive.

I managed to line up a coffee chat with a very interesting person next week.

Wish me luck.